[SciPy-user] Alternative to NumTut's view() function?

David Ascher scipy-user@scipy.net
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 18:03:07 -0800

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Hi all,
> In the past I've used the view() function from NumTut (Numeric's tutorial 
> package) to view 2-d arrays.  But now something isn't working too well (and 
> I've seen reports from others on the web about this).  Basically, there seems 
> to be a threading problem, and the simple act of importing view.py kicks cpu 
> usage to 100% and makes any interactive work in the python interpreter 
> impossible.  I tested it both with ipython and a regular python shell.

Funny. I wrote that function strictly to make it easy to write the numeric 
tutorial.  Glad to know it's helpful.

I'm not surprised to hear of threading problems with it, however.

Have you looked into it?  It shouldn't be impossible to figure out what's 
wrong with the code and fix it =).