[SciPy-user] Alternative to NumTut's view() function?

Fernando Perez scipy-user@scipy.net
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 19:06:50 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, David Ascher wrote:

> > In the past I've used the view() function from NumTut (Numeric's tutorial 
> > package) to view 2-d arrays.  But now something isn't working too well (and 
> > I've seen reports from others on the web about this).  Basically, there seems 
> > to be a threading problem, and the simple act of importing view.py kicks cpu 
> > usage to 100% and makes any interactive work in the python interpreter 
> > impossible.  I tested it both with ipython and a regular python shell.
> Funny. I wrote that function strictly to make it easy to write the numeric 
> tutorial.  Glad to know it's helpful.
> I'm not surprised to hear of threading problems with it, however.
> Have you looked into it?  It shouldn't be impossible to figure out what's 
> wrong with the code and fix it =).

I've been poking at it for about 30 minutes, without much success.  I know 
_strictly zero_ about both Tk programming and threaded programming.  Great 
start :)

I was looking at what the actual display code is and trying to rip out the 
bare guts I need to just show an image, even if it means creating/destroying a 
new Tk window each time.  I'm sure I can pay that price far easier than the 
full lockup I get with the threads.

Any suggestions?