[SciPy-user] convolve2d.. or Numeric to numarray conversion

Todd Miller scipy-user@scipy.net
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 10:35:23 -0500

Kasper Souren wrote:

>the reverse would also be handy to have, but that's for later.)
>Or is there another simple way to do a 2D convolution of Numeric arrays?
I just worked through some of this for one of our developers so 
numarray's Convolve.convolve2d now has an "fft" mode.  The short answer 
is,  use the convolution theorem and Numeric's FFT module:

    Fdata = FFT.real_fft2d(data)
    Fkernel = FFT.real_fft2d(kernel)
    multiply(Fdata, Fkernel, Fdata)
    convolved = inverse_real_fft2d( Fdata)

The edges can be a little tricky,  but other than that, it's mostly 
already implemented (in Numeric) in the form of 2d Fourier transforms. 
 If the kernel you want to use is bigger than about 15x15,  the FFT is 
also an increasingly faster way of convolving than the brute force 
approach in numarray-0.4.