[SciPy-user] Alternative to NumTut's view() function?

Fernando Perez scipy-user@scipy.net
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 19:44:04 -0700 (MST)

On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, Mark Shure wrote:

> Hi,
> I also found the NumTut view() function very useful but problematic. I now
> use "scipy.pilutil.imshow", which uses the PIL.
Well, thanks for the tip, but for me this does exactly nothing.  No output, no 
error message, nothing:

>>> import gui_thread
>>> import scipy
>>> from NumTut import greece,greeceBW,sgreece
>>> scipy.pilutil.imshow (greece)

# Nothing happens here at all

So maybe it's something the scipy team will get a chance to work on (these 
symptoms are from today's cvs code on a system with RH8.0 and the PIL