[SciPy-user] Alternative to NumTut's view() function?

David Ascher scipy-user@scipy.net
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 20:47:41 -0800

Fernando Perez wrote:

>Thanks! That does work quite well for plain numerical arrays, which is what I 
>need most.  
>It doesn't seem to be the tool for images such as NumTut's 'greece', this
>gives a pygist window which is empty, and the following traceback:
NumTut's greece (a souvenir from my high-school trip to greece =) was a 
fairly unusual format -- it's a pickled Numeric array.  I didn't want 
the tutorial to have to rely on any particular image library being 

Fernando -- could you submit view.py as a patch on the numeric project? 
 It should be considered as a replacement for the existing view.py.