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Dear Friend,
You may be surprised to receive this letter from me, since you do not know me =
personally. I am Elizabeth Moore, the son of JAMES Moore, the most popular =
black farmer in Zimbabwe. He was recently murdered in the land dispute in my =
I got your contact through network online hence decided to write you.
Before the death of my father, he had taken me to Johannesburg to 
deposit the sum of US8.5 million (Eight million, Five Hundred United 
States dollars), in one of the security company, as he foresaw the 
looming danger in Zimbabwe. This fund was deposited in a box as 
gemstones for concealment and to avoid much demurrage from the Security =
This land problem came when Zimbabwean President, Mr. Robert Mugabe 
introduced a new land Act Reform wholly affecting the rich white 
farmers and some few rich black farmers who are opposed to him and 
this resulted to the killing and mob action by Zimbabwean war veterans and =
some lunatics in the society. In fact, a lot of people were killed because of =
this Land reform Act for which my father was one of the victims. The problem =
is yet unresolved as some white farmers who could not quit are being arrested =
by the government.
It is against this background that my family and I fled Zimbabwe for 
fear of our lives of which i am currently staying in the Netherlands seeking =
political asylum.
Moreover, I have decided to transfer my father's money to a more 
reliable foreign account WHERE IT WILL BE SAFE AND SECURE AND NOT 
TRACED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF ZIMBABWE. Since the law of Netherlands 
prohibits a refugee (asylum seeker) to have such amount of money 
in any bank account or to be involved in any financial transaction of
such magnitude throughout the territorial zone of Netherlands, I 
am seeking a partner, who I have to entrust my future and that of 
my family in his hands.I must let you know that this transaction 
is risk free, if you accept to assist me. 
All I want you to do for me is to make an arrangement with the security =
company to clear the consignment (funds) from their affiliate office here in =
the Netherlands. I have already given directives for the consignment to be =
brought from South Africa
to The Netherlands. All modalities will have to be put in place 
like change of ownership of the consignment in your name as the 
empowered sole beneficiary so that you can be contacted by the security =
company and clear the consignment on my behalf.
I have two reward options for you. Firstly, I can give you a certain
percentage preferably 20 (percent)of the funds for your role in 
clearing the consignment and ensuring that the fund is transferred 
into an account which you have control over. Secondly,you can go 
into partnership with me for the proper profitable investment of the 
funds in your country. Whichever option you want, feel free to notify me. I =
have also mapped out 5( five percent) of this money for all kinds of expenses =
incurred by you to defray them at the successful completion of this =
You may reply me by giving me your telephone and fax numbers so 
that I will send to you all the necessary documents once you have 
decided and willing to help while maintaining the absolute secrecy required =
in this transaction.
Thank You.
Yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Moore   

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