[SciPy-user] Latest CVS seems to break Absoft 4.6

Stephen Walton scipy-user@scipy.net
27 Feb 2003 17:11:45 -0800


I have previously built SciPy on both RedHat 7.3 and RedHat 8.0 systems,
most recently in about mid January.  I use Absoft 4.6, old I know but it
works very well.  The command I use is of course "python setup.py build
build_flib --fcompiler=Absoft install".

At some point between then and now, the SciPy build broke with this
setup.  Specifically, the f77 compiles now use the -N15 switch to the
f77 command.  This switch is not documented in my copy of Absoft, but
tests indicate that it results in a double underscore being appended to
all external names.  When I try to start scipy after a new build, it
complains it cannot find cdftnc_ (one underscore).  "nm cdftnc.o" shows
the name in that file to be cdftnc__ (two underscores). The contents of
__cvs_version.py for my working build are (1,154,1542,4500).  For the
nonworking build it is (1,156,1544,4568).  The breakage seems to be
independent of the version of f2py, as it happens on systems with either
version 2.23.190 or 2.32.225 installed.

My not-so-educated guess is that the new switch was an effort to make
Absoft more compatible with g77.  g77 appends a double underscore only
to names with embedded underscores, a single underscore otherwise. 
(Why?)  Absoft tech support confirmed that version 4.6 cannot emulate
this, though version 6.0 has a '-g77' switch which mangles external
names in the same way g77 does.  These problems are why I had to build
fftw from source, btw.

Stephen Walton, Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Cal State