[SciPy-user] Newbie issues in moving to SciPy

Gary Pajer scipy-user@scipy.net
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:00:21 -0400


I'm probably about two steps ahead of you.  I think you had better learn at
least a bit about "python properly". A fair bit of Numeric and scipy is
structured into namespaces and objects, and while python itself works just
fine with a basic set of commands, using scipy needs a little more.  But not
too terribly much more.  Learn what you need as you go.

There are a lot of differences w.r.t. Matlab.  The one I find most irksome
is the awkward way one adds an additional row or column to an array.  Unless
I'm missing something.  The plotting facilities are still under
construction:  a few bugs and missing features, but quite servicable unless
you want publication quality. (But there are solutions to that problem.)
All things considered, scipy seems richer and *possibly* more featured than
Matlab, but with a steeper learning curve.

Here's a question for anyone that knows:  there is a module
scipy_base.index_tricks that contains constructs "c_" and "r_".  The doc
strings imply they have something to do with simplifiying adding rows and
columns ... but I can't figure them out.   Can anyone explain them to me?


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> Hi,
> Sorry if I am repeating messages you always get, but hey nevermind!
> I really don't quite know where to start with Sci Python, I'm used to
> Matlab, and am really wondering how similar the programming is.  I am
> basically wanting to output graphics using Chaco, should I be learning
> Python properly, or don't really have to as it is just a syntax
> difference to what I am used to?  Any links to tutorials would be
> gratefully received.
> Thanks
> Andy.
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