[SciPy-user] RPMs of 0.3

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Fri Apr 23 15:22:59 CDT 2004

Stephen Walton wrote:
> I just tried downloading and installing the prebuilt RPMs of SciPy 0.3. 
> They are realy very handy, but of course I have some comments.
> SciPy-0.3.0_266.4239-1ee_py23_Linux_PIII_rh9.i386.rpm, and perhaps the
> others, have fftw as a dependency but this is not stated on the
> installation site.  I was able to install them on a non-FFTW-equipped
> machine by using "--nodeps".  Without fftw, scipy.test(level=1) fails. 
> Installing FFTW allows it to pass all tests on FC1 at this level.  YMMV.
> FYI, I find the simplest way to get fftw on FC1 is to put
> download.fedora.us in /etc/yum.conf and do "yum install fftw
> fftw-devel".

Oops.  I intended to build non-FFTW packages, but I didn't explicitly 
make it happen.  I'm rolling new packages right now, which will exclude 
this dependency.  We also have a yum repository, that will provide all 
deps and also offer a meta-package that will install all of the stuff 
that we include with the Python Enthought Edition for Windows...but that 
will have to wait until I can fit it into my Copious Free Time(tm).

Thanks for the heads up.  Will be fixed by the end of today.

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