***[Possible UCE]*** [SciPy-user] no __setitem__ in spmatrix class

pascal barbedor pascalbarbedor at free.fr
Tue Apr 27 01:01:11 CDT 2004

ok thanks for the info
I'll stick to using PySparse then

as a user I have a request for a n-d sparse array class and not only
with possibility to take slices like in an ordinary nd array

I have more or less built such a class based on PySparse if that can be of
any interest


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> pascal barbedor wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I noticed there is no __setitem__ method in spmatrix class in
> > scipy.sparse module
> > but what if one needs to (sparsely) fill the matrix after __init__ time
> The sparse matrix module is currently incomplete.   In a few days it
> should be much better  (hopefully for Scipy 0.3.1).   Apparently matrix
> multiplication is not working (don't know why as it uses sparsekit).
> Right now what does work is to use the dictmatrix type to build up a
> matrix and then use lu_factor and or solve to solve the linear system
> (I've been using that quite a bit).
> Things should be much better for sparse in a little while.
> -Travis O.
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