[SciPy-user] Drivers for gplt distributed with scipy?

George B. Christianson christianson2 at llnl.gov
Thu Apr 29 18:51:17 CDT 2004

Greetings to all from a new user of scipy!

         My environment for scipy consists of a PC running Windows 2000 
with Cygwin (full installation, in the last month) & its Python2.3, and 
scipy and f2py2e installed from the CVS repositories.  Here's my 
question:  I'm using the scipy.gplt routines to visualize some 3d data 
sets, and getting pretty good plots on the Xwindows terminal, but I don't 
appear to be able to write plots to files.  For example, the fragment

        ... plotting commands...

     gplt.output(filename, 'epslatex color')

with filename "myfile.eps" does generate a file "myfile.eps" in my working 
directory, which I can open with Adobe PhotoShop, but there is no graph in 
it.  I get similar results with a png file.  The documentation refers to 
drivers needed gnuplot -- how can I tell whether I have any installed, and 
how can I obtain and install them if I need to?
         Thanks very much in advance for any help!

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