[SciPy-user] gplt

Alan G Isaac aisaac at american.edu
Sun Aug 1 17:59:01 CDT 2004

Is there a mechanism for passing global formatting strings
to gnuplot using gplt?  Right now I need
set size square
set zeroaxis -1
set noxtics; set noytics
set noborder

I'm relying on the plot tutorial
and I don't see how to do these.

Is there a really good reason to have
    def size(self,size=(1.,1.)):
        cmd = 'set size %f,%f' % size
instead of
    def size(self,size='1.,1.'):
        cmd = 'set size ' + size
The latter would give access to the full gnuplot
functionality for size and fits better with the
rest of the gplt syntax.

And how about adding something along the lines of
    def replot(self,plotstr=""):
        cmd = plotstr + '; replot\n'
to allow easy setting of global commands for those
familiar with gnuplot?

Alan Isaac

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