[SciPy-user] Re: [Gnuplot-py-users] pyPlot.py vs. Gnuplot.py

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Aug 3 23:53:28 CDT 2004

Alan G Isaac wrote:
> As a new SciPy user, I am interested in understanding
> the relationship between the scipy.gplt module and the
> Gnuplot.py project.
> What considerations influence which was chosen, and
> which a new user should choose?
> This is especially important to me as I am planning
> to use one of these in a teaching setting.

If you decide to use Gnuplot.py, you may want to consider using it through 
ipython (http://ipython.scipy.org).  Ipython, via the IPython.GnuplotRuntime 
and .GnuplotInteractive modules, adds substantial functionality on top of the 
default Gnuplot.py, to make interactive work as easy and efficient as 
possible.  There are also some enhancements for scripted use, which facilitate 
common plotting tasks and EPS generation.

I personally decided to use Gnuplot.py (with my enhancements in ipython), 
because I found the interface to be cleaner than that exhibited by scipy.gplt. 
  This is probably due to the fact that gplt was trying to keep a consistent 
interface across scipy's 3 plotting subsystems.  Note that I use the rest of 
scipy extensively, it's only for plotting that I decided to use an alternate 

You may also consider matplotlib, which IMHO holds a lot of promise.  I am 
currently working on a multithreaded version of ipython so it can be used 
interactively with matplotlib and the Wx/gtk frontends (the Tk one already 
works fine).



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