[SciPy-user] vectorize question

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri Aug 6 01:00:08 CDT 2004

bulatov at cs.orst.edu wrote:

>What's the best way to evaluate a function at every point of a space (ie, for
>plotting purposes)?
>For instance, here's how I'd do it in regular python
>values=zeros((5,5), Float)
>for i in range(5):
>  for j in range(5):
>    values[i,j]=some_custom_function(i,j)
>Is there some SciPy way of doing it more concisely? I looked at vectorize, but I
>can only use it for similar task in 1 dimension.
Use ogrid (open grid)


If your function is made up of ufuncs it should vectorize automatically, 
otherwise you use vectorize.


i,j = ogrid[0:5,0:5]  (or mgrid if you really want to fill out the values)

If some_custom_function is made up only of ufuncs

values = some_custom_function(i,j)


new_custom_function = vectorize(some_custom_function)
values = new_custom_funcion(i,j)

-Travis O.

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