[SciPy-user] Weave problems

James R. Phillips scipy at zunzun.com
Wed Aug 11 05:25:32 CDT 2004

> When I try to run my application two things happen. I get a
> stream of exceptions -

I had odd problems on Windows that require me to occasionally
delete all of weave's temporary files and then compile 'int a;'
in a python script using weave to kind of restart it.  I wrote
a batch file to do this, and run it whenever I get problems 
like these; 90% of the time they clear up for me and the other
10% are my syntax errors.

> ...I am left with wgnuplot.exe and gnuplot_helper.exe
> between them taking 100% CPU and I have to kill those off
> as well.

Find and delete these two files, that was my solution.  No
answer from the mailing list on that one.

     Randy Phillips

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