[SciPy-user] Problems building SciPy-0.3 on OS X

Tom Loredo loredo at astro.cornell.edu
Wed Aug 11 09:27:29 CDT 2004

> Try using the old re module in check_re.py. For that replace
>   import re
> with
>   import pre as re
> in check_re.py. What happens? 

That works!  I didn't even know the pre module existed (it's not in
the lib docs).

So far only two people on pymac-sig have tried the script; it works
for them but none of them are using 2.3.3 on 10.2.8.  One is using
2.3.4, so I'll try updating to that.  I have to build it from source
so it'll have to wait till I can transfer the source archive from
my linux box (with a broadband connection).

Pearu, thanks for your help with this!


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