[SciPy-user] gnuplot.py

Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Aug 12 11:12:46 CDT 2004

Quoting Steve Schmerler <elcorto at gmx.net>:

> I'm missing a function like gplt.figure() and gplt.close() in Gnuplot.
> Has anyone an idea how to pop up a fresh plot window, plot some stuff in it
> and then create the next window? I looked through the gnuplot (4.0) man but
> found only 'exit' and 'quit'.

Since Gnuplot only manages one plotting window at a time, you need to create new
instances.  If you use the extra support in IPython.GnuplotRuntime, you'll find
a gp_new() function which does precisely that.  The equivalent with bare
Gnuplot.py is, if I recall correctly, a call to the class constructor.



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