[SciPy-user] gplt and xplt

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Aug 14 16:31:42 CDT 2004

Gary Pajer wrote:

>>Will this involve anything beyond deleting the ctypes folder
>>and then installing 0.6?
> I just installed the old one over the new one and it worked fine.  ymmv.
> Fernando,  maybe you should put a note on the web site about this.  I did a
> new install on a new machine and was quite puzzled for a while...

Mmh, have you been to the page recently? :)


It's been there since Aug. 3, after I started getting reports about the 
problem.  I'll take it down if a solution comes along (which I expect to 
happen, Gary Bishop is working on it).



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