[SciPy-user] IMPORTANT BUG in scipy... rescue me !!

christophe grimault christophe.grimault at novagrid.com
Mon Aug 30 05:44:48 CDT 2004

Hi all,

There is a critical bug in scipy, about *very* basic operations between 
under MS Windows. Here's the facts :

import scipy
a=scipy.arange( N, typecode='F' )

crashes with N = 258168. The same code does not crash for N = 258167. So 
258168 is a
kind of limit, because for any lower value, it is OK. This is no memory 
problem (258168 is
not a big value and I have 512 Mb RAM !-). Moreover, if I change scipy 
for Numeric, the problem disappears !

Also, the interpreter crashes with no error message at all, as if some 
'exit()' code was
encountered somewhere.

What's going on ? How to solve this ?

To me it is a very important bug. We can deal on this list about the 
color of graphics or
about some weird special function... but here we're dealing about the 
integrity of simple

Could the readers of this mail try the code on their windows box and 
tell me if they
can reproduce the bug. Any idea to overcome this problem, or just a hint 
is welcome, because
I'm completely stuck !!!!!

Thanks in advance,

C. Grimault
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