[SciPy-user] Error Bars using scipy.gplt

Gary Ruben gazzar at email.com
Thu Dec 30 21:01:59 CST 2004

Since no-one appears to have responded - I haven't looked for a while, but I'm not sure how complete the gnuplot via gplt errorbar support is. I never persevered enough to work it out.
I agree that it would be good to see some examples in the documentation.
If you decide to use either gnuplot.py or matplotlib for errorbars, then I can help, but I'll defer to others for gplt. FYI, there are a couple of examples on my site of how to do errorbars via gnuplot.py and matplotlib:

Gary R.

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From: "R. Padraic Springuel" <rspringuel at smcvt.edu>
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Subject: [SciPy-user] Error Bars using scipy.gplt
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 23:13:54 -0500

> I'd like to get gnuplot to plot error bars on a graph through the 
> scipy.gplt interface.  I note that within new_plot.py in the gplt 
> folder of scipy, there is a function for this purpose.  However, I 
> can't seem to get the correct syntax to call this function and use 
> it.  Has this routine been fully implemented yet, or is its 
> presence an indication of a feature still in development?  If it 
> has been fully implemented, how do I go about using it?
> -- R. Padraic Springuel
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