[SciPy-user] scipy OS X compiling on a G3

Pearu Peterson pearu at cens.ioc.ee
Thu Feb 19 14:01:28 CST 2004

Hi all,

OSX users, could you try out the recent scipy_distutils for building
linalg module? It now uses '-framework Accelerate ..' stuff for
atlas_info but I cannot test this myself. Here are basic steps:

Install new scipy_core:

  cd scipy/scipy_core
  python setup.py install

Build linalg module:

  cd scipy/Lib/linalg
  # undefine ATLAS environment variable if any
  python setup_linalg.py build
  # pay attention to the availability of `lapack_opt_info`
  python tests/test_basic.py

Let me know if it works or not.

Note that building scipy will not work yet without atlas libraries
as scipy.integrate still uses old hooks, if someone get's scipy.linalg
buildable under darwin, I'll finish scipy support for
darwin-without-atlas asap.


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