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Nils Wagner dr.nwagner at web.de
Sat Feb 21 14:27:17 CST 2004

SciPy Users List <scipy-user at scipy.net> schrieb am 21.02.04 07:46:32: 
On Sat, 21 Feb 2004, Nils Wagner wrote: 
> Hi all,  
> How can I disable the usage of ATLAS in scipy ?  
There are several ways to do it, all are hackish currently. 
E.g. set 
in lapack_opt_info.calc_info method in system_info.py file 
or hide the location of atlas libraries from system_info.py. 
Then you'll need Fortran blas and lapack installed. 
But considering the current issue, you can either try out 
different ALTAS versions or set 
  force_clapack = 0 
in the get_lapack_funcs() argument list. See linalg/lapack.py file. 
I have disabled ATLAS. The problem with linalg.lu didn't vanish. 
What can we do ? 
from scipy import * 
from RandomArray import * 
n = 2 
A = rand(n,n)+rand(n,n)*1j 
X = zeros((n,n),Complex) 
Ainv = linalg.inv(A) 
print linalg.norm(dot(Ainv,A)) 
I = identity(n)+identity(n)*0j 
# linalg.solve cannot handle complex rhs !! 
#I = I.real 
for i in arange(0,n): 
   r = I[:,i] 
   X[:,i] = linalg.solve(A,r) 
# Should be the inverse of A as well !!!! 
print 'X' 
print X 
# Inverse of A 
print 'inv(A)' 
print Ainv 
print dot(A,Ainv) 
print dot(A,X) 
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