[SciPy-user] scipy.xplt.ghelp (2nd try ;-)

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Feb 25 15:29:44 CST 2004

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> Hi,
> this is a reformulation of my recent question with the same subject,
> I hope I get it right this time ;-)
> If I understand things correctly, scipy.xplt.ghelp is gone
> because the information from xplt/gistdata/help.help
> has been moved to the doc strings of the commands.
> If this is correct,

Yes, that was the idea.

> how do I get information on the keywords for a plot command ?

It looks like we have a problem, as the docstrings aren't complete yet.

I should add back the ghelp command in the meantime.

You can get it from an older version of the code. I will try to update 
the CVS (but it may be a week or two).

Thanks for the heads-up.


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