[SciPy-user] help and lazy-import (?)

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Feb 27 10:21:31 CST 2004

Pearu Peterson wrote:

> So, for some reasons, in my case when using ipython, redefined help is 
> not effective and probably because help is referenced in ipython before 
> importing scipy. It seems that you are not using ipython, so, what is the 
> contents of your PYTHONSTARTUP?

Indeed, ipython imports help upon starting.  So by the time scipy tries to 
modify things, the help ipython sees is already the default one.

I've noticed in general that, because of the lazy import mechanisms of scipy, 
often I need to do things like hitting tab twice, at least the first time I 
try them.  I realize the rationale for the lazy import system, so I don't know 
if this is something which can even be fixed at all.  But if there are any 
changes which ipython can make to improve the situation, and someone can at 
least point me in the right direction, I'll gladly give it a try.



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