[SciPy-user] Mac OS X 10.3 Installation?

Christopher Fonnesbeck chris at fonnesbeck.org
Fri Jan 23 16:23:43 CST 2004

On Jan 23, 2004, at 4:08 PM, Tom Kornack wrote:

> Hello:
> Has anyone found a recipe for success installing scipy on 10.3? I  
> notice that the scipy fink package hasn't yet been updated for 10.3.
> My various attempts have ended in failure. Here's the furthest I've  
> gotten using the latest CVS of scipy:
> sudo python setup.py install
> ...
> ...
> building 'scipy.fftpack.convolve' extension
> gcc -L/sw/lib -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress  
> build/temp.darwin-7.2.0-PowerMacintosh-2.3/Lib/fftpack/src/convolve.o  
> build/temp.darwin-7.2.0-PowerMacintosh-2.3/sw/lib/python2.3/site- 
> packages/f2py2e/src/fortranobject.o  
> build/temp.darwin-7.2.0-PowerMacintosh-2.3/build/temp.darwin-7.2.0- 
> PowerMacintosh-2.3/convolvemodule.o -L/sw/lib  
> -Lbuild/temp.darwin-7.2.0-PowerMacintosh-2.3  
> -Lbuild/temp.darwin-7.2.0-PowerMacintosh-2.3  
> -L/sw/lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin7.2.0/3.4 -L/sw/lib -ldfftpack  
> -ldrfftw -ldfftw -lrootfind -lsuperlu -lmyblas -lc_misc -lcephes -lg2c  
> -o build/lib.darwin-7.2.0-PowerMacintosh-2.3/scipy/fftpack/convolve.so
> ld:  
> build/temp.darwin-7.2.0-PowerMacintosh-2.3/build/temp.darwin-7.2.0- 
> PowerMacintosh-2.3/convolvemodule.o has external relocation entries in  
> non-writable section (__TEXT,__text) for symbols:
> restFP
> saveFP
> error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1
> Any ideas what's happening here? I'm running as sudo. I'm not sure  
> what is meant by a 'non-writable section'. I've tried the 0.2.0alpha  
> release as well but don't get as far.

SciPy works great for me on OSX 10.3. A couple of hints:

1. Get /sw out of your library path. Nothing good comes of fink  
software when trying to compile SciPy.
2. Make sure you have the apple development tools installed.
3. Make sure the "ignore_packages" variable at the end of the setup.py  
file is uncommented.

Hope this helps,

Christopher J. Fonnesbeck ( c h r i s @ f o n n e s b e c k . o r g )
Georgia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, University of Georgia

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