[SciPy-user] need help with gcc error

Pearu Peterson pearu at scipy.org
Tue Jan 27 01:35:02 CST 2004

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 ehaux at ucmerced.edu wrote:

> can anyone help with this??
> i downloaded from cvs and did:
> $python setup.py build
> but got the following errors:
> uild/temp.linux-i686-2.3/Lib/xplt/src/play/x11/colors.o -DGISTPATH="/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/scipy/xplt/gistdata"
> In file included from Lib/xplt/src/play/x11/colors.c:9:
> Lib/xplt/src/play/x11/playx.h:11:22: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory
What is the output of 

  python scipy_core/scipy_distutils/system_info.py

Where the header file Xlib.h is located in your system?
And could you give more details about your system (sys.platform,os.name,
uname -a, etc)?


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