[SciPy-user] Running more than one applications using weave

Joshua Menke josh at cs.byu.edu
Tue Jan 27 10:11:35 CST 2004

I'm having problems when I run more than one app. using weave on the 
same (dual-processor) computer. Both processes will often attempt to 
create / delete / access the directories weave uses to store the 
compiled code in at the same time, causing one of the applications to 
fail. Is there a way to force weave to only use the local / current 
directory for *all* its files? I know how to tell it which directory to 
prefer using the PYTHONCOMPILED environment variables, but weave still 
uses other directories for intermediate files (/tmp/%USER%/) and also 
always tries to create and verify the default directory 
~/.python_compiled. Is there a way to force it NOT to use anywhere but 
the current directory? Or is there another way to fix this problem? I'd 
like to be able to use a cluster of dual-procs machines we have, but the 
same problem would occur on the machines.

In case you need more specific info on the most common error I see, it 
happens when weave tries to verify a directory is writable. My first 
application will create a dummy file then the second app will create 
one, the first app will delete the dummy file, then the second app will 
fail to delete the now non-existent dummy file, and the program 
terminates on the uncaught exception.



Joshua Menke
BYU CS Dept.
josh at cs.byu.edu

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