[SciPy-user] fastumath installation problem

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Jul 14 17:23:47 CDT 2004

matt wrote:
> So my SciPy install was going great.  I installed Atlas and all of the  
> other prerequisites without a hitch.  I'm using FreeBSD 4.9 and  
> installed most of the pre-req's from the ports package.  The actual  
> SciPy install get's really far, but it barfs when trying to compile  
> fastumath_unsigned.  This seems strange and not easily traceable to a  
> missing pre-req or anything.  Below is the output from 'python setup.py  
> install'.  Any help here at all would be very useful.  I can provide  
> details like version nums of all the pre requisites and the like upon  
> request.  Thanks in advance.

This looks like a library problem.  Are the hyperbolic inverse 
trigonometric functions not available with your platform.  Or is their 
some header file that has to be included to get them?

These are defined in the file as long as


is not defined for your platform.

In fastumathmodule.c there is a statement there that checks for a few 
platforms and it looks like BSD is included and so 
HAVE_INVERSE_HYPERBOLIC gets defined for the rest of the compilation. 
  Doesn't FreeBSD define these?  Are you just missing a proper math 

Anybody else seen this?

-Travis O.

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