[SciPy-user] fsolve and additional parameters

matt matt at hotdispatch.com
Mon Jul 19 18:04:27 CDT 2004

Thanks.  It's working now. Despite input and output of the function 
being different, fsolve stopped complaining and appears to be giving 
good results.  Thanks everyone for the help/suggestions.


On Jul 19, 2004, at 6:59 PM, Fernando Perez wrote:

> matt wrote:
>> I already tried this.  Fsolve checks "equations" and complains that 
>> the input and output shapes  aren't the same.
> I've never used fsolve myself, so I'm not sure what the issue is.  But 
> in general when asking python questions, I suggest you copy/paste an 
> explicit traceback from your program, or even better, from a small 
> test case at the interactive interpreter.  A traceback will in general 
> provide people with much more information to be able to give you more 
> precise help.
> If you want, ipython (also hosted by scipy at 
> http://ipython.scipy.org) has an exception mode which is extremely 
> verbose, printing additional context and variable information.  This 
> may help when trying to get someone who doesn't have access to your 
> code to be able to understand the issue better.  But for starters, a 
> regular python traceback will help.
> Best,
> f
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