[SciPy-user] ANN: SciPy04 -- Last day for abstracts and early registration!

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Fri Jul 23 12:55:23 CDT 2004

Hey Group,

Just a reminder that this is the last day to submit abstracts for 
SciPy04.  It is also the last day for early registration.

More information is here:


About the Conference and Keynote Speaker
The 1st annual *SciPy Conference* will be held this year at Caltech, 
September 2-3, 2004.  As some of you may know, we've experienced great 
participation in two SciPy "Workshops" (with ~70 attendees in both 2002 
and 2003) and this year we're graduating to a "conference."  With the 
prestige of a conference comes the responsibility of a keynote address.  
This year, Jim Hugunin has answered the call and will be speaking to 
kickoff the meeting on Thursday September 2nd.  Jim is the creator of 
Numeric Python, Jython, and co-designer of AspectJ. Jim is currently 
working on IronPython--a fast implementation of Python for .NET and Mono.

We still have room for a few more standard talks, and there is plenty of 
room for lightning talks. Because of this, we are extending the abstract 
deadline until July 23rd.  Please send your abstract to 
abstracts at scipy.org.  Travis Oliphant is organizing the presentations 
this year. (Thanks!)  Once accepted, papers and/or presentation slides 
are acceptable and are due by August 20, 2004.

Early registration ($100.00) has been extended to July 23rd.  Follow the 
links off of the main conference site:


After July 23rd, registration will be $150.00.  Registration includes 
breakfast and lunch Thursday & Friday and a very nice dinner Thursday 
night.  Please register as soon as possible as it will help us in 
planning for food, room sizes, etc.

As of now, we really haven't had much of a call for coding sprints for 
the 3 days prior to SciPy 04.  Below is the original announcement about 
sprints.  If you would like to suggest a topic and see if others are 
interested, please send a message to the list.  Otherwise, we'll forgo 
the sprints session this year.

   We're also planning three days of informal "Coding Sprints" prior to
   the conference -- August 30 to September 1, 2004.  Conference
   registration is not required to participate in the sprints.  Please
   email the list, however, if you plan to attend.  Topics for these
   sprints will be determined via the mailing lists as well, so please
   submit any suggestions for topics to the scipy-user list:

   list signup: http://www.scipy.org/mailinglists/
   list address: scipy-user at scipy.org


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