[SciPy-user] plotting modules

Stefan Seefeld sseefeld at art.ca
Wed Jun 23 16:15:44 CDT 2004

hi there,

the scipy documents presently mention three distinct
plotting modules (gplt, plt, and xplt), and I'm wondering
which one fits my needs best. I'm trying to rewrite some
code that has previously been written for matlab, so what
I'd like to be able to do is the following:

* draw 2D and 3D plots/meshes/etc.
* keep multiple figures open simultaneously and interact
  with all of them
* simple user interaction, such as zoom, rotation, querying
  for coordinates (mouse-to-image mapped), overlay of graphics
  (for example points, lines, polygons interactively drawn
  with the mouse on top of a mesh or image)

Is any of this already possible in one of the plotting modules ?
If not, is this being worked on ? What are the long-term
plans for scipy ? What should I be looking into if I wanted
to contribute ? plt (wxpython) looks like the most advanced
contender among the three, but I also read about vtk as a future
candidate for a drawing/plotting module.

Thanks for any tips,

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