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cfuller at thinkingplanet.net cfuller at thinkingplanet.net
Sun Jun 27 00:48:01 CDT 2004

So much for my good first impression!

I had a problem installing scipy, but I figured it out. I saw on the list archives that other folks were having this problem also, so here is my solution.

The problem: after installing wxPython wxPython- and scipy 0.3.0, the basic plot tutorial fails, with the exception
  TypeError: DC_SetClippingRegion() takes exactly 3 arguments (5 given)

I checked the wx docs, and changed the dc.SetClippingRegion calls to dc.SetClippingRegionXY. Only two files had these calls: plt/wxplt.py and plt/plot_objects.py

This might do the job for some folks, but it raised hell for me. GTK spit out a load of errors and python dumped core. So, I thought I'd try the GTK2 rpm. wx didn't work at all. Turns out there's a little incompatability between redhat 9, for which the rpms were built, and fc2, which I'm using. Since I was rebuilding, I decided I'd rebuild the GTK rpm first, and try that one. It worked. You could always do GTK2, if that's what you prefer. You need to have gtk+-devel and glib-devel installed, and maybe some others, but after I got those in, it was cake. Find something to read, or maybe you have a mail server to set up, like me, but you are in for a wait. It's not as bad as KDE or X windows, but its a long compile!

This command will do all the work. Pretty slick!
rpmbuild --rebuild srcpkg

You will need to do this as root, change the perms on /usr/src/redhat, or (the best solution) edit ~/.rpmmacros to tell rpmbuild to use something in your home directory:
%_topdir               /home/cfuller/rpm
%_tmppath              /home/cfuller/rpm/tmp

I'm sure the folks with a nonrpm distribution can figure out how to adapt this to their needs. If you can't, don't ask me, I don't use them much, except knoppix :)

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