[SciPy-user] Scipy build under win32

Massimo Sabbatini sabbatini at dea.unian.it
Mon Mar 8 04:20:02 CST 2004

Dear all,

I tried to build scipy (cvs checkout) under win32. I installed MinGW and 
  followed quite closely Pearu's instructions at
However, at the final scipy build stage, when I type

$ msys.py python setup.py build

I obtain the following:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "setup.py", line 125, in ?
   File "setup.py", line 98, in setup_package
   File "setup.py", line 59, in get_packages
     config = setup_module.configuration(*args)
   File "c:\build\scipy\Lib\integrate\setup_integrate.py", line 21, in 
     raise NotFoundError,'no blas resources found'
scipy_distutils.system_info.NotFoundError: no blas resources found

However, my blas library is correctly found when I run system_info.py

Any hints, suggestions ?


Massimo Sabbatini
Department of Economics, Marche Polythecnic University (IT)
sabbatini (at) dea (dot) unian (dot) it

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