[SciPy-user] concatenation of arrays woes !!

Karthikesh Raju karthik at james.hut.fi
Tue May 4 03:10:53 CDT 2004

Hi All,

is it possible to concatenate arrays along the column,

A[:,1:5] = concatenate(a,b,c)
a is 2x1, b 2x1, c 1x1

i have been trying to convert the following matlab code and this is my
stumbling block for several months :(

K = 3
CL = 5
L = 2
d -- (K,L) in the range (0,CL)
codes -- (K,CL)
window = 1
s = codes'

output S -(CL*window,K*L*(window+1)) matrix

for k = 1:K
for l = 1:L
    S(:,1+(window+1)*(l-1)+(window+1)*L*(k-1)) =
           [s(CL-d(k,l)+1:CL,k); zeros(CL*(window-1),1);zeros(CL-d(k,l),1)]
    S(:,(window+1)*1+(window+1)*L*(k-1)) =
    for n=2:window
        S(:,n+(window+1)*(l-1)+(numbits+1)*L*(k-1)) =
           [zeros(d(k,l),1); zeros(CL*(n-2),1);


This module has been my stumbling block for the last 2 months, had no
problems with matlab, here i have all kinds of concatination woes. Please
give me pointers on how to achieve such concatenations,

thanks a lot


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