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Bob.Cowdery at CGI-Europe.com Bob.Cowdery at CGI-Europe.com
Tue May 4 04:20:37 CDT 2004

Hi all,
Can anyone help me convert this loop to an array function. I can't have
loops in my signal processing as they take far too much processing power.
This is a fragment from a speech processor using Ferkins formula.
Essentially the gain array (m_procGain) which is 2048 long (m_sampl_sz)
needs its nth element processing into it's (n-1)th element. This is
eventually used to multiply the samples in m_complexout, the first 2048
elements of this are used. Attack is a scaler currently 0.4.
                peak =
                i = arange(1,self.m_sampl_sz)
                for x in i:
                    if abs(self.m_complexout[x-1]) > 0:
                       self.m_procGain[x] = ( (self.m_procGain[x-1] * (1 -
attack)) + ((attack * peak) / abs(self.m_complexout[x-1])) )         
                       if self.m_procGain[x] > level:
                           self.m_procGain[x] = level
                       self.m_procGain[x] = 1

Thanks for any assistance.
Bob Cowdery
CGI Senior Technical Architect
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