[SciPy-user] Help with array functions

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Tue May 4 10:16:34 CDT 2004

Eric Jones wrote:
> Bob.Cowdery at CGI-Europe.com wrote:
> The general ideas of uisng Numeric in Python is to avoid loops, even at 
> the expense of sometimes doing extra computations.  In this case, the 
> signal processing calculations can be done for every entry in the array 
> (except the first).  The conditions checked for in the "if" statements 
> can then be filtered out in subsequent array processing steps.
> Here is some (totally untested) code that should give you some ideas:
>     gain = self.m_procGain
>     abs_complexout = abs(self.m_complexout)
>     # Do singal processing calculation for all elements in array
>     gain[1:] = ( (gain[:-1] * (1 - attack)) +
>                  ((attack * peak) / abs_complexout[:-1]) )
Does this do what is needed? I think the point he was making
was that gain[i] depends on gain[i-1] which in turn depends
on gain[i-2] and so on. The expression above doesn't capture that
since from his code he doesn't show any initial value for gain
(implicitly the gain[0] must exist). So using an array expression
which uses a shifted gain array in its input won't work. 

This is the sort of problem that doesn't fit the array model
very well unless there are some primitive array operations
that happen to do the iterative thing needed (sometimes
the accumulate or convolve functions can be used for this
thing, but I can't see any obvious existing function. Seems
like a candidate for a C extension but maybe I'm missing 


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