[SciPy-user] matplotlib multiple windows

John Hunter jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Wed May 5 15:48:51 CDT 2004

>>>>> "Tikva" == Tikva Bonneh <Tikva at israsrv.net.il> writes:

    Tikva> My last pot was too short! I meant to say - I can open
    Tikva> multiple figures in the same time, but what I wanted to do
    Tikva> is show one figure and then open a new window while the old
    Tikva> window still shows. I did not find how to do that with
    Tikva> matplotlib. I had to close the first window in order to see
    Tikva> the next window.

I'm sorry, I don't really understand what it is you can and cannot do.
Could you please describe it more clearly?  Are you working
interactively from a python shell or running a script?  Are you
working in a python IDE such as idle or pycrust?  What matplotlib
backend are you using?

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John Hunter

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