[SciPy-user] Re: Windose and Python

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Thu May 6 20:13:42 CDT 2004

Todd Pitts from Sandia asked me the following question.

>I have one final question about python on windows.  It seems
>that the non-interactive scripting works well enough.  However, I have
>not found a single interactive interpreter that I could recommend  to
>members of my group without serious reservations.  
>I have tried IPython,
>PyCrust (various), IDLE, Using it from within emacs (not cygwin emacs,
>just emacs under windows), PythonWin, etc.  They all have serious
>problems when it comes to usability.  Most don't have tab completion at
>all.   Most, (emacs included) don't work with any plotting package.  I
>have tried gist from scipy and matplotlib (doesn't work with anything
>except straight scripting). 
>Is python really this unusable for
>interactive data exploration and modeling under Windows?  

I'm forwarding it to these lists so that individuals with more 
experience on Windows than I have can respond to his request. 

What do people use on Windows for interactive work????

-Travis Oliphant

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