[SciPy-user] Re: Windose and Python

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Thu May 6 23:19:57 CDT 2004

Travis Oliphant wrote:
> Todd Pitts from Sandia asked me the following question.

>>all.   Most, (emacs included) don't work with any plotting package.  I
>>have tried gist from scipy and matplotlib (doesn't work with anything
>>except straight scripting). 

Sorry for the 2nd post.  I forgot to mention plotting: ipython includes 
enhanced support for Gnuplot, with modifications to the interactive plotting 
syntax to make it as quick and easy to use as possible.  I use python 100% of 
the time I'm working on scientific code and data exploration, and my 
environment is: Xemacs for heavy editing, a terminal with ipython for 
interactive work, Gnuplot (with ipython's extensions) for 2d plotting and 
Mayavi (http://mayavi.sourceforge.net) for sophisticated data visualization. 
With Gnuplot 4.0's mouse support, it is an extremely convenient tool for fast 
data exploration, capable of publication-quality PostScript output.  Finally, 
for diagram generation and other problems of a graphical but not purely 
'plotting' nature, I have been very happy with PyX.

IPython was designed _specifically_ to make interactive scientific computing 
work as fluid as possible.  It has direct access to the underlying system 
shell, it remembers previous values (like Mathematica's %N variables), and has 
  many other features which you may find useful in this kind of context.

I haven't looked at matplotlib yet (I've been using gnuplot since the days of 
Windows 3.0), but I will very soon, and I have heard excellent things about 
it.  For those already familiar with matlab's syntax, this may be a better 
option than gnuplot.  If there are any problems with ipython's interaction 
with matplotlib, I'll gladly fix them if possible.



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