[SciPy-user] Data convolution.

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri May 28 12:49:27 CDT 2004

Lance Boyle wrote:

> When doing (linear) convolutions (of any dimension) with FFTs, does 
> SciPy take care of aliasing in the "other" domain, usually time domain 
> and spatial domain? This is done by zero-padding and with the 
> so-called overlap-add and overlap-save methods. This is a different 
> issue from edge effects (as I understand the earlier posters) which 
> are Gibbs phenomena.

We could add an fft-based convolution pretty easily (and would probably 
be worth it).  But, no boundary effects of using fft's are different 
than Gibbs phenomena.   You can ameliorate the boundary effects using 
various schemes as has been alluded to (which one you choose depends on 
how anxious you are about the boundaries).

-Travis O.

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