[SciPy-user] Problems installing on Suse 9.1

tom fogal tfogal at apollo.sr.unh.edu
Thu Nov 4 18:06:59 CST 2004

 <20041104230547.34220.qmail at web203.biz.mail.re2.yahoo.com>Barry Drake writes:
>I decided to ignore the error and let YaST install
>Numeric.  I then installed scipy and from Idle
>imported the packages.  Everything seems to be found


>Are there some simple examples I can try to test the

Have you tried scipy.test ?

tfogal at thetis tfogal $ python
Python 2.3.4 (#1, Sep 29 2004, 14:29:41) 
[GCC 3.3.4 20040623 (Gentoo Linux 3.3.4-r2, ssp-3.3.2-2, pie-8.7.6)] on
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import scipy
>>> scipy.test()


>> >When I try to install the Numeric .rpm using YaST2,
>> I
>> >get a conflict error:
>> >
>> >python-base not available
>> Sounds like you haven't installed python first, and
>> yast can't find the
>> package for some reason.
>> >Has anyone seen this error before?
>> Try installing python, python-dev, python-*, etc.
>> and see if that
>> helps.
>> -tom

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