[SciPy-user] C++ extensions

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Tue Nov 9 00:35:49 CST 2004

>>>>> "DG" == David Grant <david at dwavesys.com> writes:

    DG> David Grant wrote:
    >> wrong.  If you or anything else can help me, it would be
    >> appreciated.

    DG> Grr....I figured it out.  I need to use the headers=[] arg.
    DG> It isn't documented on scipy.org.  Grrr....  I'll email Eric
    DG> Jones and politely inform him. :-)

Well, the inline command is fully documented in the sources.  :) Look
at inline_tools.py::

    132 def inline(code,arg_names=[],local_dict = None, global_dict = None,
    133            force = 0,
    134            compiler='',
    135            verbose = 0,
    136            support_code = None,
    137            headers = [],
    138            customize=None,
    139            type_converters = None,
    140            auto_downcast=1,
    141            **kw):
    142     """ Inline C/C++ code within Python scripts.

[... snipped long docs ...]

Also, if you look at the examples directory the swig2_example.py and
vtk_example.py use the headers.  I know, this is perhaps no excuse for
lack of docs but using the sources is generally a good idea. :)

I also think Fernando's examples ought to be cleaned up sometime and
put in the examples directory.  It sure covers a lot of ground!
For now perhaps a link to his examples would be a good idea.

This is from an older mail from him on this list::


  original source here:



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