[SciPy-user] parsing curves, numerical data..

val val at vtek.com
Fri Nov 12 08:40:43 CST 2004

Hi the List,
    I'm impressed with how parsers like pyparsing do their
job to parse symbolic data (texts, etc), in particular, a nice
way of specificfation of teplates.  Is there smth like 
that in numerical world? E.g., if you need to parse, say, ECGs,
EEGs, instrument output, etc to find patterns such as
Q,R,S patterns in ECGs, or 'novelty' patterns, etc.  
It'd be nice to specify template(s) for what you are looking for 
and get back from the parser a 'segmentation' of a curve in terms 
of those patterns, sort of 'curve understanding' (like image understanding).  
    I have no clear idea of the template(s), though.  
Linear, quadratic, etc segments is one option, probably
not the smartest one.  Looking for repeating patterns in a curve
(within an eps-based precision) would be probably a smarter way.
I'm sure knowledgeable people can give a better advice.
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