[SciPy-user] MDP 1.0.0 and symeig 1.0 released

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Tue Nov 16 08:57:23 CST 2004


Your package sounds like a great addition to SciPy!  To help people
find it, the Accessible SciPy Project has started a wiki listing
topical software (loosely defined as anything not included in the
SciPy release):


I hope you will make an entry for your package.  The page is a wiki so
that developers and users can all contribute to the listings.  Please
find a suitable topical page and make a brief entry with a link to
your software's web page (or direct download if it doesn't have a page
of its own).  If you don't find a suitable topical page, you can
either start one (but that entails maintaining it in the future) or
list your package under the "Unindexed Links" section at the bottom.
Further guidelines are at the bottom of the wiki front page.



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