[SciPy-user] MDP 1.0.0 and symeig 1.0 released

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Nov 16 10:10:24 CST 2004

Joe Harrington wrote:
> Hi,
> Your package sounds like a great addition to SciPy!  To help people
> find it, the Accessible SciPy Project has started a wiki listing
> topical software (loosely defined as anything not included in the
> SciPy release):
> http://www.scipy.org/wikis/topical_software/
> I hope you will make an entry for your package.  The page is a wiki so
> that developers and users can all contribute to the listings.  Please
> find a suitable topical page and make a brief entry with a link to
> your software's web page (or direct download if it doesn't have a page
> of its own).  If you don't find a suitable topical page, you can
> either start one (but that entails maintaining it in the future) or
> list your package under the "Unindexed Links" section at the bottom.
> Further guidelines are at the bottom of the wiki front page.

It's already there:


in the misc section, there's already an entry.  This is the page meant to 
become the wiki, which I promised I'd write.  I guess I'll just dump it over 
the existing wiki, because the whole point was to avoid duplicating efforts. 
I was reluctant to do so because Janet had established the original wiki, but 
there's no point in having this info in non-editable form.  I'll try to work 
on that tonight.



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