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Wed Nov 17 10:52:08 CST 2004

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> Second, several people have expressed hesitation in editing 
> the wiki, since they didn't put it up.  Folks, it's a *WIKI*! 
>  You're *supposed* to edit it!  Add, add, add content!  All 
> you need is a scipy.org account, which you can make for 
> yourself following the link in the title bar.  There is 
> history, so if someone makes a change that isn't popular, we 
> can roll back the change and no harm done.  

I second what Joe said. 

To edit the wiki, you just need to be logged in as a registered user of
scipy.org, which requires only an email address. This is intended as a minor
deterrent to wiki-spammers, since they could set up a login if they really
wanted to, but will probably just move along to a completely open wiki.
Please don't let it deter you, as community members, from contributing

The spirit of wiki development is *community* ownership of content, rather
than individual ownership. So please don't worry too much about trodding on
anyone's toes (least of all, site managers like me). If you have content
that you *do* want to personally control, you can create a page in your user
folder on scipy.org (or on your own site), and then link to it from the
wiki. Such pages are not part of the wiki, and therefore are editable only
by their owners (and by site managers).

If you have questions about any of this, please ask me. If I don't know the
answer, I'll try to find it. And if I find it, I'll try to add it to the
site for the benefit of others.



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