[SciPy-user] the wikis

David Grant david at dwavesys.com
Wed Nov 17 13:12:48 CST 2004

I think this wiki should be transformed into wiki format.  I'm new to 
the zope/zwiki format, but I tried converting the first section.  What 
is the best reference out there which explains zwiki syntax?

Joe Harrington wrote:

>I am cross-posting this to counter some misconceptions about the ASP
>wikis, including the Topical one.
>First, I am *thrilled* to see the new Topical page put up by Fernando!
>The amount and quality of the content is just amazing.  The
>page-of-pages idea wasn't making anyone happy, so it's good to see it
>Second, several people have expressed hesitation in editing the wiki,
>since they didn't put it up.  Folks, it's a *WIKI*!  You're *supposed*
>to edit it!  Add, add, add content!  All you need is a scipy.org
>account, which you can make for yourself following the link in the
>title bar.  There is history, so if someone makes a change that isn't
>popular, we can roll back the change and no harm done.  If you want to
>make major changes to the structure or content posted by others, you
>can and probably should ask on these lists.  But do ask!  If it's a
>good idea, others will agree with you.
>So, if you are distributing a package and it's not listed, please go
>add it.  Make a scipy.org account, login, go to the wiki, click on the
>"edit" tab at the top (it only appears if you are logged in), and go
>to it.  There is a link at the top that has more info if you're not
>sure how to do it.  If you're really confused, please suggest
>improvements to the help document on scipy-dev.
>And thanks again to Fernando for a lot of work!
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