[SciPy-user] the wikis

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Nov 17 13:17:57 CST 2004

David Grant schrieb:
> I think this wiki should be transformed into wiki format.  I'm new to 
> the zope/zwiki format, but I tried converting the first section.  What 
> is the best reference out there which explains zwiki syntax?

I wrote it up in html because it was a large page of links, and using mozilla 
composer made the whole process *FAR* more efficient.  I was extremely happy 
to see that I could just drop the page into the wiki by pasting the raw html 
and that the wiki just did the right thing.

I guess I don't care about reformattings, but please be careful: I noticed 
that the table of contents was already all mangled up from what I put up 
yesterday (I don't know if this was the product of your changes or someone 
else).  I am not going to babysit that page, but if anyone is going to do 
wholesale internal reformattings, at least make sure that the final result 
still works.  Otherwise, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!  If those internal 
'fixes' are just going to break stuff, just leave the html alone, please. 
It's not exactly a hard format to write (and I say this as someone who has 
written about 3 webpages in his whole life, all of them plain text, so I'm not 
exactly a web design expert).



ps. These comments are general, not necessarily directed to David, so please 
don't take any of it personally.

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