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Janet Swisher swisher at enthought.com
Wed Nov 17 13:59:52 CST 2004

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> From: David Grant
> I think this wiki should be transformed into wiki format.  I'm new to 
> the zope/zwiki format, but I tried converting the first 
> section.  What 
> is the best reference out there which explains zwiki syntax?

The Topical Software wiki uses Zwiki Structured Text, explained at: 

Note that we have disabled automatic linking of "CamelCase" words.

One feature of this format is that you can intermingle ST formatting and raw
HTML, which is why Fernando could just paste his HTML in, and it worked.
However, as you can see, "intermingling" ST bullets and HTML <ul>'s can
cause some unexpected results.

On my list of things to figure out is how we managed to create one wiki on
scipy.org where users can change the page format (SciPy '04 Conference), but
the rest of the wikis default to ST and can't be changed. In theory, Zwiki
also supports reStructured Text, pure HTML, and plain text as page formats.
For more detail, see: http://zwiki.org/TextFormattingRules


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