[SciPy-user] the wikis

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Wed Nov 17 14:12:07 CST 2004

While the topical wiki is being discussed, I thought some of the
comments that Russell Owen made a while back are worth bringing
up again. I don't recall any discussion about these. I thought
he made some good points, particularly about the visibility of
these pages and the names associated with them (something other
than 'topical")

>> Do you have suggestions about where else these items could be linked
>> that would be more visible?
> Since you ask, here are my impressions and suggestions.
> First the impressions:
> - - From the SciPy home page, there is no clue that this site has any
> general "science with Python" information. It just seems to be a site
> about the SciPy software project.
> - - One has to first go to "Other Wikis" and then look way
> down through
> a page that is mostly about SciPy to find "Topical Software".
> - - "Topical Software" is not evocative.
> - - Burying it so deeply and not mentioning it on the home page give
> the impression that it is very much an afterthoght and not integrated
> into the site.
> Suggestions:
> - - Rename "Topcial Software" to something like "Python Tools
> for Science".
> - - Explicitly mention "Python Tools for Science" in the text on the
> home page. Try to briefly explain that it exists and perhaps WHY it
> exists. Just a sentence or two should do it. *Talking* about it and
> not just
> Further cleanups to consider:
> - - Consolidate some of the items in Navigation.
> - - Get rid of "Wikis" and those pages to other, more
> obvious, sub-headings.
> - - SciPy should be a recognized link on every scipy wiki (to
> the SciPy
> home page).
> The navigation bar might look like this (with changes noted
> under each topic):
> Navigation:
> About SciPy
> - - no change (except as mentioned for the body text above)
> Documentation:
> - - includes "Wikis" links: "Troubleshooting", "SciPy User's Guide
> Wiki" and "Help with SciPy.org Wikis"
>    this is touchy and may not fully work because I realize you have
> non-wiki versions of the docs as well,
>    but I have seen success with offering users both versions
> side-by-side (let them choose
>    if they want docs cluttered up with user comments or not)
> Development:
> - - include CVS and get rid of the CVS link (i.e. bury the
> CVS page one
> level deeper)
> Bug Tracker:
> - - include the standard navigation panel that we are
> discussing Mailing Lists
> - - no change
> Science with Python
> - - This is the "Topical Software" page, renamed and brought
> up one level
> Anyway, there are my 2 bits, such as they are. Best of luck with the
> site and the project.
> - -- Russell

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